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Bishop James H. Bowman Sr.


Lady Cynthia Benning

District Missionary

District Missionary Cynthia A. Benning
Missionary Cynthia Benning has served as an active member on the New York Central Jurisdiction Women's Department Executive Board since its inception. She was selected for the seat of District Missionary to the Levitical District by Bishop James H. Bowman; a position previously held by her mother, the late District Missionary Sylvia Edwards. She was appointed by Jurisdictional Prelate, Bishop Ronald J. Hoston and duly sanctioned by Jurisdictional Supervisor, Mother Saundra L. Reed.

A believer in the foundational training of the young people of God, Missionary Benning served as the first female Jurisdictional AIM chairperson in the western and central New York areas under the appointment and leadership of Bishop Ronald J. Hoston. Known for her musical ability, Missionary Benning serves as president of the New York Central music department. Her energy and passion encourages others to become witnesses of Christ through music.

Missionary Benning happily supports her husband in ministry as first lady of Upper Room C.O.G.I.C. with her husband, Rev. Dr. Daniel L. Benning. In addition to service and leadership within her jurisdiction and district, Missionary Benning is vice president of the International Music Department for the Churches of God in Christ, under the leadership of International Music Department President/Minister of Music, Dr. Judith McAllister.

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